Do proper monoliths before you do microservices!

Have you jumped the microservices bandwagon yet? If so, do you regret it? If not, be sure to listen to this talk first!

Chances are you are in a big pain if the overall architecture isn’t designed properly. A lot of people focus on creating small services which do one single thing. A great idea of course, unless this means you have to couple multiple services to each other in order to get some work done. If this is the case you haven’t created a microservices architecture, but a monolith with additional latency.

So how should you design your architecture? Well, think about exposing the capabilities of your system, like ‘check out’ , ‘update profile’ and not on ‘orders’ or ‘customers’.

By changing your mindset on how to design your services you will be able to create a successful microservice architecture which actually has all the benefits and much less of the downsides you are probably experiencing now.


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