Introducing Azure Durable Functions for serverless .NET orchestrations

Maybe you were assuming Azure Functions are purely stateless and short-lived. Guess again! Enter Durable Functions, a new open-source extension to Azure Functions that enables long running orchestrations and stateful processes to execute as serverless functions. In this session you will learn how to write durable functions, and patterns and practices to write simple or complex stateful orchestrations.

We will quickly walk through the notion of serverless execution, what Azure Functions are, and what their limitations are. We will address these with a demo-rich caroussel of the main orchestration patterns that the Durable Functions extension provide such as sequenced execution, fan-in / fan-out, and human interaction. We will lay out the checkpointing and replaying mechanism that really provides the reliability. This comes with a couple of constraints you need to be conscious about. Additionally, we will summarize the headlines you will need to know about the Azure Functions platform itself, its development options, hosting options and disaster recovery.


To summarize, in this session you will be introduced into Durable Functions:

– Why is serverless execution super interesting

– What are Azure Functions

– What are their limitations

– How do Durable Functions adress these

– Reliable orchestration as its key feature

– Demo-rich

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